Tips to boost your super when you don’t work full-time

The Australian workforce is changing and the rise of the “gig economy” is potentially posing a threat to retirement incomes. The gig economy, where buyers and sellers of goods and services are matched or organised via web-based platforms, has shown exponential growth, says the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA). The number of gig [...]

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Trick or treat? The money mistakes that spook us the most

With Halloween upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about the money matters that spook us the most. We all know good financial management is important but it can also be scary to face your finances, especially if you find it daunting and complex. If you want to avoid a financial house of horrors, [...]

Using property to cover your cash flow shortfall in retirement

Written by Ben Kingsley for Money Magazine. I wish more Australians knew their retirement shortfall amount and I wish they knew it a lot earlier in life than when most actually start thinking about retirement. Most people don’t start taking their retirement planning seriously until they are in their 50s, yet for many this is [...]

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How to help kids without sacrificing your retirement

Another great article from Andrew Zbik for Money Magazine. I’m relatively new to parenthood. Today was my son’s second birthday. My wife and I watched with anticipation as he madly opened his birthday present. The look of sheer delight on his face when he saw a box of Duplo warmed our hearts. I now get [...]

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