How will the housing boom in Australia end?

There is no stopping the imminent end of the housing boom in Australia, as house prices in two of the biggest markets started trending downwards. In a commentary on the Guardian, industry expert Greg Jericho said the question now is not how much lower prices can go but, how suddenly the boom will end. Looking [...]

Chill Out: Eco-Wise Ways to Keep Your House Cool Naturally

Author: Liz Durnan on Houzz The steamy summer months are almost upon us, so how do we best adapt our homes to prepare for those days when the mercury’s pushing 40? A lot depends on the local climate of course; some solutions that work for the hot and humid top end might not work for southern [...]

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How creating a budget can money-proof your marriage

I recently had a young couple come to see me wanting to sort out their finances out before getting married, their aim, to be debt free before their wedding day. However, what we needed to do was resolve a few maxed out credit cards, have a hard conversation about stopping spending and going back to [...]

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Seven costly mistakes to avoid as a property landlord

Australia’s property market has been a great wealth-creation vehicle for investors seeking a good income and a nest egg for retirement but investors who cut too many corners to save on costs could face financial blow-outs in the long term. Property is unlike other business models, because what is regarded as a business by the [...]

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The best apps to help you househunt, renovate and decorate

These days finding the perfect location to buy a property – and some great options for decorating it – is as easy as flicking through your phone. This list of our favourite Australian location and decorating apps will help you both before and after you move in. Houzz Category: Interior design and renovation Buying a [...]

What’s the answer if your mortgage repayment falls short?

Whether you’re affected by fluctuating interest rates or or by a change in your personal circumstances, the pressure of maintaining regular mortgage loan repayments can be overwhelming at times. Here is some information to help you understand the available alternatives. What to do before it gets worse If you’re about to miss a mortgage payment [...]

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Christmas financial stress for half of all Aussie families

by Sharyn McCowen  for Money Magazine Christmas will be a financial nightmare for half of Australian families, according to a new study which alarms but does not surprise the nation’s peak body for financial counsellors. New research conducted by Roy Morgan, released by the Salvation Army, also reveals that 2.4 million Australians are concerned about [...]

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Hard sell: The major factors that can hurt the sale of your property

Author: Rafael Niesten on Houzz When selling your home, it’s important to understand what things can negatively affect the value of your property. Read on to ensure you keep the value of your property as high as possible. Start to think about resale when you buy, not when you sell When buying a home or [...]

Are you tired of being stuck on the money-go-round?

Do you get the feeling that you’re just treading water financially? Don’t think you’re alone. In a February, an ME Bank household financial comfort report suggested that 25% of Australians have less than $1000 in available savings to draw upon in the event of emergency. Here are some tips to help you get off the [...]

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About to pay off your mortgage? Here’s what you need to know

The dream for many Australians is to get onto the property ladder and then one day call their home their own. When you get there, first make sure you actually want to close your mortgage account with its current limit. What you earn today may be less than it was when you first applied for [...]

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