Fixed, variable, split – find the right fit for you

In Australia, there are a number of ways to structure your home loan repayments. Finding the best option may save you time and money on your mortgage. Here is some information to help you choose the repayment structure that works best for you. Variable rate loans Variable interest rate loans are all about flexibility. Essentially, [...]

The formula that could help you buy the right investment property

Property is one of Australia’s favourite way to invest. More than 1.7 million Aussies (or 7.9% of the population) own an investment property. As an asset class, an investment in bricks and mortar is not considered to be as safe as cash, but it’s less risky than equities. Regardless, landlords want an acceptable return on their investment. [...]

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First home buyers, downsizers to benefit from Australia’s super reforms

This year is already looking like it could  be great for those planning to buy their first homes, as well as those preparing for retirement, thanks to a number of key superannuation changes expected to come into effect. National Australia Bank director of SMSF and customer behaviour Gemma Dale noted that consumers may be able [...]

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How to beat the banks at their own game: use this home loan cheat sheet

WITH interest rates expected to head north this year — and the banks to follow suit — you’ll need to know to beat them at their own game. Online mortgage marketplace HashChing and independent consultancy Digital Finance Analytics have shared their top eight mortgage predictions for 2018. Here’s your very own home loan cheat sheet: [...]

How will the housing boom in Australia end?

There is no stopping the imminent end of the housing boom in Australia, as house prices in two of the biggest markets started trending downwards. In a commentary on the Guardian, industry expert Greg Jericho said the question now is not how much lower prices can go but, how suddenly the boom will end. Looking [...]

Five property market trends to expect in 2018

It’s the question on the lips of Australia’s property punters, homeowners and wannabe buyers: what will the property market do in 2018? It’s now clear that 2017 will go down as the year that saw some of Australia’s hottest property markets switch gear following a five-year streak that saw Sydney’s median house price pile on over $530,000 and Melbourne’s [...]

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What you need to know about refinancing

A home loan is generally a long-term proposition, but in some situations it can make sense to refinance your mortgage. Read this guide to the refinancing process, and speak to your broker, before deciding whether it’s right for you. Refinancing involves taking out a new mortgage and using those funds to pay off your existing [...]

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How an offset account could cut years off your home loan

Looking for ways to pay off your mortgage in record time? Whether you’re a seasoned investor or buying your first home, an offset loan can help you reduce interest payments, save on tax and pay your mortgage off years ahead of schedule. What is an offset loan? With an offset loan (also called an offset account, [...]

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Seven costly mistakes to avoid as a property landlord

Australia’s property market has been a great wealth-creation vehicle for investors seeking a good income and a nest egg for retirement but investors who cut too many corners to save on costs could face financial blow-outs in the long term. Property is unlike other business models, because what is regarded as a business by the [...]

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The best apps to help you househunt, renovate and decorate

These days finding the perfect location to buy a property – and some great options for decorating it – is as easy as flicking through your phone. This list of our favourite Australian location and decorating apps will help you both before and after you move in. Houzz Category: Interior design and renovation Buying a [...]