Money-saving SOS: Effective tips to help land that home loan

Looking to enter the property market and worried about how you’re going to secure your first home loan? It’s time to start making your money work for you so you can land that loan. Qualifying for a home loan isn’t always an easy path. Aggressive interest rates, competition in the market and less than rigorous [...]

RBA won’t be pressured into hiking interest rates

Amidst the increases of interest rates in other parts of the globe, Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe slammed calls for an interest rate hike and said the bank would not introduce cash rate changes anytime soon. In his opening remarks at the A50 forum in Sydney, Lowe said Australia does not need to [...]

Nine QLD cities where you can pick up property for under $400k and expect growth

Investors and homeowners are being encouraged to think out of the box when it comes to investing and look outside capital cities and home renovations for building an asset portfolio. Buyers agents and market analysts Propertyology released a list of 39 cities slated for solid growth over the next three years, nine of which are in [...]

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Disloyalty pays: the cost of staying with one bank

Two in five Aussies are still with their childhood bank Australians are being urged to review their banking after new research shows nearly 40% are still with the same bank they signed up with as a child. A survey of 2026 customers reveals two in five are still with the bank their parents set them up [...]

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Want to help your kids buy property? Here’s how.

The real estate market can be tough for young adults, but as a parent you may be able to lend a helping hand. We tell you how. 1.Parent-to-child loan A parent-to-child loan is when a parent lends their child money. This is a formal, legally binding arrangement, administered by an independent third party. At the [...]

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Declining living standards are impacting mortgage repayments

For the first time in a generation, Australian living standards are declining, according to new research from Australian National University (ANU) for News Corp Australia. This decline is mainly due to the weakest wage growth on record. Living costs have outstripped income gains by 1.4% over the past year and by 3.8 since 2013. Before [...]

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The problem with getting financial advice from your bank

Next time the friendly bank staff want to help you with your money, consider this: 75% of the advice given to customers wasn’t in the client’s best interests, according to a review of the financial advice offered by the big four banks and AMP by the regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). And [...]

A warning for negatively geared property investors

Negatively geared investors should be very wary about taking on any more risk in 2018. Why? Because change could be on the way, according to Michael Hutton, head of wealth management at HLB Mann Judd Sydney. He says property investors, especially those whose total income only just covers their lifestyle needs and investment holding expenses, [...]

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Financial advice conflicts of interest ‘inherent’ at big banks: ASIC

Australia’s corporate watchdog has shirtfronted the country’s biggest financial advisers, who it claims act outside their clients’ best interest as much as 75 per cent of the time when recommending a shift to in-house products. One-in-10 investors were even said to be in a “significantly worse financial position” after following the advice. The review, carried [...]

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Millennials to overtake boomers in real estate spending within five years

Millennials are expected to take a bigger share in the real estate market five years from now, with their spending power rising to 66.1%. According to a study conducted by the First National Real Estate, millennials are earning more money than prior generations, boosting their buying budgets above both baby boomers and Gen Xers. First [...]

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