Government’s new credit reporting system should be closely monitored

Treasurer Scott Morrison recently announced that beginning in July next year, the Big Four would be required to have half of their credit data ready for reporting, and 100% of their data ready for reporting by mid-2019. By forcing Australia’s biggest banks to share more detailed credit data about millions of customers, the new system [...]

Trick or treat? The money mistakes that spook us the most

With Halloween upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about the money matters that spook us the most. We all know good financial management is important but it can also be scary to face your finances, especially if you find it daunting and complex. If you want to avoid a financial house of horrors, [...]

Relief for consumers as hefty card surcharges banned from today

Consumers will no longer be slugged with hefty fees for paying by card, with businesses banned from charging excessive surcharges from today. The ban was first rolled out to large businesses last September in an attempt to curtail the $1.6 billion Australians were paying in card surcharges each year. It limits how much a business [...]

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