When the auction is passed in – to you! What happens next?

The hammer falls, the auction has ended, the bidding’s all done… and the property is passed in to you, the highest bidder. You’re standing out the front of what could be your dream home, surrounded by curious neighbors, nosy passers-by and who knows how many other serious buyers. So what now? What happens next? With [...]

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Five things you should know about the royal commission into banks

Turnbull’s backflip PM Malcolm Turnbull has long warded off calls for a royal commission into banking from the opposition party and more recently from pollies in his own camp. Last week, the PM finally reneged and announced a royal commission will take place next year to investigate misconduct in the financial services sector and restore [...]

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What’s the answer if your mortgage repayment falls short?

Whether you’re affected by fluctuating interest rates or or by a change in your personal circumstances, the pressure of maintaining regular mortgage loan repayments can be overwhelming at times. Here is some information to help you understand the available alternatives. What to do before it gets worse If you’re about to miss a mortgage payment [...]

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Is it a good idea to buy property with your partner if you’re not married?

With more Australians delaying marriage until later in life, and four out of five married couples living together before tying the knot, buying a home with your partner can seem like a great way to get onto the property ladder. Although the average age of first-home buyers has remained constant at 32 years old for [...]

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Ten questions to ask a mortgage broker

Using a mortgage broker to help you choose a home loan can save you considerable time and could result in huge savings. However, before you decide on a broker, you need to make sure they’re going to meet your needs. Here are some questions to ask. 1. How long have you been a mortgage broker? [...]