How to get the best from your builder

When building and renovating your home it’s important to select the right industry professionals to assist you. But once you’ve got the best people on board, how do you make sure you stay on good terms? We asked a builder, an architect and an interior designer for their tips on getting the best from your builder. Trust [...]

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Great investment opportunities open up in Brisbane

While there’s been plenty of buzz around the current oversupply of apartments in Brisbane, the upside to declining property values is improved affordability. Asking prices for units are down about 1% to $380,000 over the three months to November 7, according to SQM Research. Softening prices have also created great opportunities for investors looking for [...]

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Three questions to ask before you refinance

The home loan market is constantly changing, with new and attractive deals coming up all the time. Refinancing can help you secure a more competitive interest rate, access the equity in your home, add features (such as an offset account) or consolidate your debts, but there are some important questions to consider before you get [...]

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Christmas financial stress for half of all Aussie families

by Sharyn McCowen  for Money Magazine Christmas will be a financial nightmare for half of Australian families, according to a new study which alarms but does not surprise the nation’s peak body for financial counsellors. New research conducted by Roy Morgan, released by the Salvation Army, also reveals that 2.4 million Australians are concerned about [...]

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Hard sell: The major factors that can hurt the sale of your property

Author: Rafael Niesten on Houzz When selling your home, it’s important to understand what things can negatively affect the value of your property. Read on to ensure you keep the value of your property as high as possible. Start to think about resale when you buy, not when you sell When buying a home or [...]

Can you improve your borrowing power? The seven key factors when applying for a loan

Queensland first homebuyers have more affordable property to choose from but they still need to have their financial ducks in a row when applying for a home loan. So, with lending restrictions still in play, how do homebuyers of any description improve their borrowing power. Mortgage Choice CEO John Flavell said would-be buyers must understand [...]

Confused about home loan pre-approvals? Follow these four steps.

Ready to buy a property? You’ll need to show the seller you have enough money. For most people, this will mean getting a loan, and the first step to getting one is obtaining pre-approval for it. Pre-approval – also known as conditional approval or approval in principle – is an indication from a lender as [...]

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