Mortgage offset accounts: Making your loan work for you

Savvy borrowers have an endgame in sight before they even apply for a home loan, and with the right mortgage offset account, they could win that game even more quickly. Home buyers usually focus on the here and now, not the distant future. Rather than the size of their loan balance in 10 or 20 [...]

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Should I buy my first home before investing in property?

1. Should I buy my first home before investing in property? The great Aussie dream has always been to own a home but it’s not always the best strategy, especially if affordability is an issue. A growing trend is something called “rentvesting”. This involves renting where you want to live but still looking after your [...]

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How redraw works and why it’s a handy loan feature

It’s one of the less glamorous home loan features, but the redraw facility deserves a second look. Here’s why: The redraw facility explained A redraw facility lets you make additional repayments to reduce your variable rate home loan balance and save on interest. If you pay more than your minimum scheduled repayments, then you’ll have [...]

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Why it’s already time to start saving for Christmas

Article by Maria Bekiaris for Money Magazine. It might seem ages away but with less than 16 weeks to go until Christmas now is the time to start budgeting. By putting a plan in place to pay for your holiday spending now you won’t end up with a post-Christmas financial hangover. Have a savings plan [...]

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Q&A: Home loans for builders or renovators

Q. How common is mortgage refinancing in Australia with the specific aim of funding alterations or rebuilding? A. Refinancing is very common in Australia. According to recent statistics, in November 2014 construction loans accounted for almost 7 per cent of all loans written. Construction loans have, on average, consistently accounted for anywhere between 5 and [...]

Australia’s top 5 careers for job growth in 2018

Article by Effie Zahos for Money Magazine. The nation’s unemployment rate has remained steady at 5.6%, but underemployment remains high, according to the Bureau of Statistics. So which careers are likely to see the most job growth over the coming year? Money asked recruitment experts Hays. Digital experts, in both marketing and IT Digital experts, in [...]

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