Sea change or tree change: how to decide where to retire

Deciding where to live in retirement can be a challenging task. There are many issues to consider, such as should you remain in your current home or location or move, and where will you go and will you find your ideal spot? Mistakes can be financially and emotionally costly. Taking the plunge and moving from [...]

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How to prepare your business for sale

Do you know when you want to sell? Are you prepared for something to happen to you in your business that may force you to exit your business? Usually the answer to these questions is a resounding no, if you are in business you are doing everything you can to keep your head above water, [...]

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Refinancing could save you thousands – and give you greater flexibility

It’s often said that Australians are more likely to divorce their spouse than switch banks. But with plenty of competition in the home loan sector, refinancing can be a good move. There are a number of reasons why you might want to refinance: you can consolidate debt from high-interest credit cards into a home loan with [...]

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Pinched: How to survive if you can’t make it to pay day

Some more great tips from the Money Team at Money Magazine. A growing number of Australians are one emergency away from financial ruin. With cost of living pressures on the rise, what should you do if you’re going to run out of money before pay day? PRIORITISE YOUR BILLS Make a list of all your [...]

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A simple guide to small business loans

Small business loans can be great when you need to get your brand up and running or cover unexpected expenses. However, it’s useful to understand the difference between the available options before committing to one. To help you make the right choice, here’s what you need to know about some of the more commonly used [...]

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Money questions you should be asking if you’re under 30

Do I pay off my HECS-HELP loan or save? With an interest rate equal to the inflation rate, this is one of the cheapest debts around. So if you have any other debts, pay them off first. If not, then you’d be better off saving, provided your net return (including tax on interest earned) is [...]

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