How to get organised: Cleaning and storage tips from a regular procrastinator

Author for Houzz Australia: Liz Durnan We all know those super-organised people, don’t we? They’re up at the crack of dawn baking muffins for the school fundraiser, work nine-to-five in a high-powered job, have numerous well-turned out children and, on top of it all, their house is always perfectly clean and organised – without any [...]

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How to turn your tax return into savings

With tax return season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make the most of any extra cash. If you’re expecting a nice refund after lodging your tax return, it can be tempting to dream of a sun-drenched holiday or shopping spree. However, it’s worth considering some other uses [...]

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Mortgages and break-ups: Some practical tips when separating

Breaking up is hard to do. On top of the emotional impact, there are practical ramifications as well. When there’s a separation or divorce, debts you’ve accrued during the relationship unfortunately don’t go away. The longer a couple is together, the harder it can be to unravel all the financial connections. Here we outline some [...]

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How to grow an edible garden

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors and are lucky enough to have the space for an outdoor kitchen, or even just a BBQ, then the food you grow can literally be picked moments before cooking time. As anyone who has ever grown their own can attest, there is nothing like the taste of truly fresh food: [...]

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Borrowing money for renovations: What you need to know

You’ve been dreaming of that new kitchen and dining room for as long as you can remember, and now the time has come to put your plans in motion. But do you really have the budget to afford the works? Here are a few things to think about before making the leap from Pinterest board [...]

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